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Let's Partner to be Fear Free! 

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Weston Road Animal Hospital is working to be a Fear Free Veterinary environment. With fear free certified and trained staff members, our goal is to minimize Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS) for our patients and clients. Our intention is to educate and work with owners to reduce FAS with every visit. 

What can Owners do to facilitate a Fear Free Visit?

1. Bring your pet hungry with his or her favorite treats in hand. 
2. Collect fecal and urine samples when they are required for wellness. This eliminates uncomfortable restraint and procedures by our staff that can increase FAS.
3. Give pre-visit medications as instructed to prevent/reduce FAS before arriving at the veterinary hospital. 
4. Schedule Conditioning Visits to desensitize your pet to the veterinary environment, handling and restraint. 
5. Practice restraint positions and common touches (ears, feet, tail, belly, muzzle) at home paired with positive reinforcement. 

What does our veterinary team do to facilitate Fear Free Visit?

1. We utilize FAS assessment scales and Fear free techniques for veterinary visits.
2. We provide non-skid surfaces, calming music, pheromones, towels and blankets for patient comfort.
3. We use treats and other forms of positive reinforcement to minimize FAS. 
4. We recommend and prescribe calming supplements, anxiolytics and training techniques to reduce FAS. 
5. We conduct Victory Visits to desensitize your pet to the veterinary environment, common procedures, handling and restraint.